One of the most important parts of sales is keeping track of your progress. While the activity-based sales pipeline of Pipedrive helps you stay on track for each deal, you’ll also need to keep an eye on the bigger picture and see how the whole team is doing.

For the best at-a-glance information about your company’s progress in Pipedrive, we suggest our Dashboard!
The Dashboard can be found by clicking on the Statistics tab, and selecting Dashboard.


Once you’ve accessed the Dashboard, you can start filtering the data. For example, if you wish to see specific information in your Dashboard, you can filter based on different criteria — time range, pipeline, and users.
This allows you to always have the most important information in front of you to help you and your team succeed.

If you’d like to see the origin of the information displayed in the Dashboard, simply click on the numbers in question. For each number, you’ll be provided with a list of the information represented by that statistic.


The default Dashboard provides you with a wide range of information. However, based on your teams’ needs, you may not need to track all of it.
If you would like to customize which sections appear in the Dashboard, click the gear icon.


Once clicked, you will be able to select or de-select any of the sections that are available within the Dashboard.
De-selecting a section will make it not appear in the Dashboard.

You may also drag sections horizontally between the columns to adjust how they appear, or drag them vertically to reorder which order they appear in.
Once you’re happy with your customization, click Save changes to see the Dashboard in your intended fashion.


If you’d like to keep that information in front of you at all times, you can also set the Dashboard to full-screen in your internet browser.
This can be done by clicking the button found at the top-right of the Dashboard screen.


When in full-screen mode, the Dashboard changes to an easy-to-read black background and takes up the entirety of your screen.
This view is ideal for having in a shared space with your team, so you can all monitor your progress and keep moving towards your goals.